Colorful Ashland

working to make Ashland safer, smarter, and fairer


On August 15, 2020 Colorful Ashland proposed to the City Council of Ashland that it pass a resolution condemning racism and promoting diversity and inclusion in our city.



ColorfulAshland is an independent community group in Ashland, Ohio open to all people of good will who support our mission and vision.


ColorfulAshland’s mission is to understand and share the way race impacts life in Ashland County in the areas of education, religion, criminal justice, health, mental health, housing, employment, and business and to advocate for liberty and justice for all.


ColorfulAshland’s vision is for a vibrant community that is welcoming, diverse, ready to adapt to meet the needs of all its members, and that celebrates the lives and contributions of all Black, Indigenous and People of Color in Ashland.